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Legal services

Your reliable investment partner in Sri Lanka

юридическая фирма шри-ланка

Legal services

Legal aspects play a key role in the foreign business organization, and ignoring the nuances of local laws can lead to inevitable losses in the future.

InvestLanka provides a full range of legal services to foreign investors and entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. The company works with both legal entities and private business representatives from all over the world. By partnering with D.L. & F. De Saram, leading law firm in Sri Lanka, high level of service for any legal issues is guaranteed.


InvestLanka provides a full range of services

Registration of the legal entity and its escorts, opening a bank account of the company and consultations on institution of funds to Sri Lanka — the most frequently requested services at the initial stage of business. Lawyers of the company render the whole range of necessary services.

More about company registration in Sri Lanka
  • Assembly of documents for company registration (from selection of the right type of company and development of сompany statutes / memorandum of association, to legal authorization of an agreement between the parties).
  • Obtaining a certificate of registration and tax registration.
  • Company secretary services (a requirement of the law of Sri Lanka, on legal entities — the presence of specially accredited company secretary).
  • Assembly of documents required to open a local bank account.
  • Consultations regarding the deposit of capital assets in Sri Lanka.
  • Handling the issue of shares; preparation and execution of loan agreements abroad.
  • Consultations on cooperation with BOI, paperwork associated with obtaining the approval of the necessary privileges and preferences from the BOI.


Full legal support

Ensuring the legality of your rights to a land plot is a complex and difficult task, especially in a country like Sri Lanka, where there is no centralized and automated cadastral registry. Lawyers of the company professionally render real estate transactions.

  • Legal documents purity check, official report issue and appropriate recommendations to the transaction.
  • Accompanying the transfer of ownership of land, houses and apartments in multi-storey buildings.
  • Conclusion of lease contracts (up to 99 years).
  • Notary registration of transfer of ownership / long-term lease, as well as the submission of relevant documents to Companies Registration Office.
  • Consultations in regard of law on joint construction.
  • Structuring of legal ownership schemes in complex cases: cottage villages, timeshare, partnership schemes with local stakeholders (including nominal).


across the full spectrum of Sri Lankan law, as well as legal support for business, including representation in court and arbitration.

Legal advice on participation in infrastructure projects, particularly in energy, road construction, telecommunications (including governmental).

  • Support of transactions and litigation in the field of maritime law and international trade.
  • Intellectual property: registration of trademarks and patents.
  • Consultation on labor law.
  • Consultation on the legal aspects of the banking and financial sectors, including government bonds.
  • Litigation, arbitration.