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Your reliable investment partner in Sri Lanka

инвестиционные услуги щри-ланка


Thanks to its own specialist, constantly working in Sri Lanka, as well as an extensive network of local partners, including the major legal, financial and civil engineering structures, InvestLanka company provides international clients with a wide range of services, being, in fact, one-stop service.

  • Own diverse database or project development under specified parameters.
  • Non-resident founder of Sri Lankan company status; services of the company secretary.
  • Account in a reliable bank; effective and legal deposit/ withdrawal procedure.
  • Aiding through the intricacies of the Sri Lankan law.
  • Expert consultations.
  • Registration of all types of companies in Sri Lanka.
  • Legislative consultations.
  • Legal support of all types of transactions.
  • Notarial certification.
  • Residence permit and work permit arrangements.
  • Documents handling, settlement of emerging migration issues.
  • Property search according to set parameters.
  • Clean title research.
  • Purchase/ lease transaction supervision.
  • Title insurance aid.
  • Architectural design and master plan.
  • Engineering and cost evaluation.
  • Procurement of building permit.
  • Tender action.
  • Construction supervision.
  • Accounting services and audit by Sri Lankan standards.
  • Audit and minimization of the tax burden.
  • Tax management consulting.
  • Marketing strategies, prospective assessment of the industry, evaluation of the market capacity and other economic indicators.
  • Strategy adjustment through competition analysis, target audience analysis, development of pricing policy.
  • Planning: targets selection, process routing, work scheduling, cost estimation, risk assessment and potential income determination.
  • Organization: project implementation — documents preparation, transactions tracking.
  • Control: project analysis, data reporting, process adjustment, problem solution.
  • Analytical data on import and export contracts in Sri Lanka.
  • FEA contracts — design, legal translation.
  • Logistics consulting.
  • Legal services and support.